09. October 2019

Statics for jacking pipe requires PTR test report

The calculation module A161 for IngSoft EasyPipe forces from version 2.7.5 the import of a test protocol for the Pressure Transfer Ring (PTR).


17. July 2019

IngSoft is committed to DIN and CEN

We participate at national level in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and at international/ European level in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).


10. May 2019

Manhole calculation module for IngSoft EasyPipe available


08. February 2019

Development of worksheet DWA-A 127-1

PRESS RELEASE 5/2019 of the DWA: Regulations - Projects. Static calculation of drainage systems: Development of worksheet DWA-A 127-1


09. October 2018

More than 20 years static calculations

At IngSoft, we satisfy our customers by structural analysis of pipes and manholes - successful since 1998


13. September 2018

Laying PE pipes on a pile foundation

IngSoft determined the distances of the piles in non-bearing soil.


12. July 2018

SIA 190 software including TechDok D 0263 available

With the calculation module SIA 190 for IngSoft EasyPipe we fully implement SIA 190:2017 including the supplementary technical documentation D 0263.


30. June 2018

Objection deadline June 30: material parameters DWA-A 127-10 draft

Material parameters for all current DWA standards will be bundled in a stand-alone worksheet.


06. June 2018

Optimization of manhole liner produced in 3D printing method

IngSoft determined the wall thicknesses for rectangular manholes.


14. May 2018

DWA-A 161 Jacking Pipes available in English

DWA recently published the worksheet "Standard DWA-A 161E Static Calculation of Jacking Pipes" (in English). IngSoft accompanied the translation.


29. March 2018

Mapping of HDD drill paths with the BFT Live drill mapping tool

Drill paths are often specified by the drilling machine operator at the construction site. The BFT Live drill mapping tool shall change that.


05. March 2018

Double renovation by liner in liner

An already renovated sewer in Host Pipe Condition II (HPC II) was renovated again.


28. February 2018

IngSoft with an all-new website

We have redesigned our website from scratch. now supports mobile devices as well.