16. May 2023

Pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe v2.11 proves HDD

On 16 May we released our software IngSoft EasyPipe in version 2.11


02. May 2023

Presentation on liner statics at Italia NO DIG LIVE 2023

IngSoft will be speaking at Italia NO DIG LIVE on 25 May 2023 in Milano.


11. April 2023

Workgroup on DWA-A 127-11 (ES-5.11) road traffic loads founded

Preparation of a worksheet DWA-A 127-11 "Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 11: Road traffic loads and associated fatigue analysis".


06. March 2023

Pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe v2.10 available

On 6 March we released our IngSoft EasyPipe software in version 2.10.0.


27. January 2023

Presentation on HDD at the PTC

IngSoft will be speaking at the 18th PTC on 10 May 2023 in Berlin.


06. December 2022

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 "Fundamentals" (with restrictions) published

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 - Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals - December 2022 in the DWA Shop


16. November 2022

Practical examples for professionals at "Look at the pipes"

Detailed practical examples - from large network operators to small municipalities - show different possibilities and measures for network maintenance.


28. October 2022

Costs for 1m reinforced concrete pipe in IngSoft EasyPipe

Our users of the pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe receive information on quantities and prices.


04. August 2022

Call for cooperation on DWA rules and regulations

The project description for two worksheets is printed in the technical journal "KA" (Korrespondenz Abwasser) 8/22.


07. July 2022

GSTT Information 20-2 for pressure liners published

Rehabilitation of pressure pipes


25. March 2022

Company anniversary: We celebrate 25 years IngSoft

March 24, 2022 is a great day: IngSoft turned 25 years old. Celebrate with us and go on a journey through time: We will review the last 25 years and let you know what the future holds for energy management.


31. January 2022

AG ES-8.22: Code of Practice DWA-M 143-6 Manhole Rehabilitation

IngSoft is involved in the "Manhole Rehabilitation" expert committee


06. December 2021

DWA-A 127-1 again as draft version?

Numerous changes compared to the draft: We proposed another "yellow print" (Gelbdruck, draft).


05. November 2021

DWA-A 127-1 objection period ends on 26 November 2021

DWA invites the objectors to comment again on the revised draft worksheet.


06. October 2021

IngSoft joins the GSTT

IngSoft has joined the GERMAN SOCIETY FOR TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY e.V. - in short: GSTT.


19. August 2021

Statically verify wound pipes with IngSoft EasyPipe

With our pipe static program IngSoft EasyPipe you can calculate coiled pipes without and with non-load-bearing annular gap filling.


24. June 2021

IngSoft at the Würzburg Plastic Pipe Conference

On 22 + 23 June 2021 IngSoft exhibited at the Würzburg Plastic Pipe Conference.


12. April 2021

Static calculation of a basin made of PP

Statics for earth and water pressure


10. March 2021

IngSoft EasyPipe publishes version history

All changes at a glance


07. January 2021

IngSoft EasyPipe with material parameters according to DWA-A 127-10

Material data updated


10. December 2020

iro 2021 postponed to 2022, RO-KA-TECH 2021 cancelled

Two major events dropped


18. September 2020

Embedded in the ground, buried or covered with earth?

The experts are striving for a uniform term.


01. July 2020

A good partner for security

IngSoft operates a certified information security management system


23. April 2020

IFAT 2020 canceled - next IFAT: 2022

New date May 30 to June 3, 2022


12. March 2020

CANCELED: IFAT 2020 is postponed from May to September

New date September 7-11, 2020


27. January 2020

Fatigue check for steel pipes with 5x10^6 load cycles permissible - TM 4-2019 published

TN 4-2019-10152 I.NPF 2 to Ril 877: Fatigue of steel pipes in the pressure range of railway traffic loads published by DB Netz AG


09. October 2019

Statics for jacking pipe requires PTR test report

The calculation module A161 for IngSoft EasyPipe forces from version 2.7.5 the import of a test protocol for the Pressure Transfer Ring (PTR).


17. July 2019

IngSoft is committed to DIN and CEN

We participate at national level in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and at international/ European level in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).


10. May 2019

Manhole calculation module for IngSoft EasyPipe available


08. February 2019

Development of worksheet DWA-A 127-1

PRESS RELEASE 5/2019 of the DWA: Regulations - Projects. Static calculation of drainage systems: Development of worksheet DWA-A 127-1


09. October 2018

More than 20 years static calculations

At IngSoft, we satisfy our customers by structural analysis of pipes and manholes - successful since 1998


13. September 2018

Laying PE pipes on a pile foundation

IngSoft determined the distances of the piles in non-bearing soil.


12. July 2018

SIA 190 software including TechDok D 0263 available

With the calculation module SIA 190 for IngSoft EasyPipe we fully implement SIA 190:2017 including the supplementary technical documentation D 0263.


30. June 2018

Objection deadline June 30: material parameters DWA-A 127-10 draft

Material parameters for all current DWA standards will be bundled in a stand-alone worksheet.


06. June 2018

Optimization of manhole liner produced in 3D printing method

IngSoft determined the wall thicknesses for rectangular manholes.


14. May 2018

DWA-A 161 Jacking Pipes available in English

DWA recently published the worksheet "Standard DWA-A 161E Static Calculation of Jacking Pipes" (in English). IngSoft accompanied the translation.


29. March 2018

Mapping of HDD drill paths with the BFT Live drill mapping tool

Drill paths are often specified by the drilling machine operator at the construction site. The BFT Live drill mapping tool shall change that.


05. March 2018

Double renovation by liner in liner

An already renovated sewer in Host Pipe Condition II (HPC II) was renovated again.


28. February 2018

IngSoft with an all-new website

We have redesigned our website from scratch. now supports mobile devices as well.