08. February 2019

Development of worksheet DWA-A 127-1

Static calculation of drainage systems

6 February 2019: The German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste e. V. (DWA) plans to develop a worksheet DWA-A 127-1 "Static calculation of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals". The technical committee ES-5 "Construction" (chairman: Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Henning Werker) has commissioned the DWA working group ES-5.4 "Static calculation of sewage pipes and sewers" (spokesman: Bauass. Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Flick).

The worksheet will contain a general introduction to statics and its fundamentals as well as explanations of the safety level, the process flow and references to the other worksheets and information sheets in the series. Furthermore, references and connections with the associated rules (e.g. Worksheet DWA-A 139, Worksheet DWA-A 125, etc.) are to be explained. In particular, the linking of static calculation and construction execution is in the foreground.

The ATV-DVWK-A 127 worksheet has proved its worth for the static verification of underground sewers and sewers and has been included in the European series of standards DIN EN 1295 "Static calculation of underground pipelines under various loading conditions".

In the meantime, topics have been added to the static analyses in drainage systems, such as

  • Landfill leachate pipes
  • Renovation systems
  • Profiled plastic pipes
  • Shafts [Manholes]

In future, these and other topics will be summarised in the planned set of rules, for which the introductory Part 1 "Fundamentals" will be developed.

The working and information sheets of the main committee drainage systems, which deal with the topic "static calculation", are to be summarised in this set of rules with the main title "Static calculation of drainage systems". The working and information sheet series DWA-A/M 127 is structured as follows: 

Rule set numberTitle of the part of the set of rulesStatus/Comments
DWA-A 127-1Fundamentals Newly developed; project description has been published.
DWA-A 127-2 Solid wall pipes in trench installationCurrently published as ATV-DVWK-A 127, revised as Part 2 of the A/M series 127
DWA-A 127-3 Profiled plastic pipes in trench installationCurrently under development. [IngSoft actively participates.]
DWA-A 127-4 Cylindrical, underground shaftsCurrently under development. [IngSoft actively participates.]
DWA-A 127-5 Pipe jackingCurrently published as worksheet DWA-A 161. The future revision will appear as part 5 of the A/M series 127.
DWA-A 127-6 Rehabilitation using lining and assembly methodsCurrently published as worksheet DWA-A 143-2. The future revision will appear as part 6 of the A/M series 127.
DWA-A 127-7 Refurbished structuresWill be newly developed; project description still pending
DWA-A 127-10 Material characteristicsCurrently being developed; published as draft April 2018

The DWA welcomes instructions for processing.

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Source: DWA PRESS INFORMATION 5/2019 [in German]