07. July 2022

GSTT Information 20-2 for pressure liners published

Basics for the static calculation of pressure liners as GSTT-Info

From the foreword of GSTT Information No. 20-2 [Translated from German]:

"For more than 50 years, liners have been successfully used for the renovation of sewers. [...] In the international standardisation process, many standards are currently being developed that deal intensively with the topic of renovating pressure pipes. [...] However, none of these documents explicitly addresses the design of the liners, which, however, differs in some respects from that of gravity sewer pipes."

The 36-page GSTT Information No. 20-2 "Basic principles for the static calculation of pressure pipe liners" (May 2022) can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF file from GSTT:

GSTT Information 20-2

Read more about our commitment to the GSTT and the GSTT-Info 20-2 in the section Committees.