07. January 2021

IngSoft EasyPipe with material parameters according to DWA-A 127-10

Material data updated

Version 2.8.4 of IngSoft EasyPipe implements the worksheet DWA-A 127-10.


The DWA published revised material tables with the worksheet DWA-A 127-10 'Static calculations of drainage systems - Part 10: Material characteristics' [German: Statische Berechnungen von Entwässerungsanlagen - Teil 10: Werkstoffkennwerte].

The publication invalidated the material parameters of the following regulations:

  • Worksheet ATV-DVWK-A 127
    Static calculation of sewers and pipelines
    (Open trench or embankment installation, new construction)
  • Worksheet DWA-A 143-2
    Rehabilitation of drainage systems outside buildings - Part 2: Structural analysis for the rehabilitation of sewers and drains using lining and relining methods
  • Worksheet DWA-A 161
    Structural analysis of jacking pipes

Our software IngSoft EasyPipe implements the changed and extended material parameters with version 2.8.4 from 11 December 2020.

We ask you as our readers and users to pay special attention to the material properties when opening input files for IngSoft EasyPipe that you created with an older version. Because: We noticed the first differences, for example with

  1. The longitudinal compressive strength of jacking pipes made of reinforced concrete or
  2. The compressive strength of thermoplastics
    Interested users will find an input file in the calculation examples under Downloads

The worksheet DWA-A 127-10 Material properties (9/2020) [German] is available in the DWA-Shop.