09. October 2018

More than 20 years static calculations

Besides IngSoft EasyPipe and IngSoft EasySchacht98 software, we offer individual static calculations as engineering service.

Today we present you one of our earliest projects:

Bottom plate and uplift verification of DN 1200 PE-HD manholes

We got the contract in April 1998. We determined the cross-section forces of the circular bottom plate according to Stiglatt/Wippel.

Image IngSoft statics manhole bottom plate uplift

The figure shows the layout of the uplift assurance and two sections. Colours:

  • Yellow = PE-HD parts (manhole sheet, inlet and outlet)
  • Red = flange ring
  • Green = Stiffener of the flange ring
  • Grey = Concrete
  • Blue = Reinforcement

Materials: PE-HD 80, Concrete B25, Rebar BSt 500 S/M

We suggested a reinforced concrete ring as an uplift counterbalance. A stiffened flange, welded to the manhole sheet, connects firmly concrete ring and the manhole sheet.

Since April 1998, we conducted more than 800 static calculations.