12. July 2018

SIA 190 software including TechDok D 0263 available

Calculation module for IngSoft EasyPipe

With version of the software IngSoft EasyPipe we close the gap of the SIA 190:2017 sewer systems: We have integrated the documentation D 0263 "Pipe statics - Technical documentation for standard SIA 190:2017", short: SIA D 0263. This makes the Swiss rules and regulations available in a professional calculation program.

Calculation example as input file for our statics program IngSoft EasyPipe
under Downloads - Documents for you to download - Calculation examples for IngSoft EasyPipe

Only with the help of the D 0263 is a continuous static calculation according to SIA 190:2017 possible. D 0263 contains the coefficients for bending moments and normal forces required to determine internal forces. The values originally originate from a publication by Hornung/Kittel in 1989 and have already been incorporated into the regulations of the DWA (ATV-DVWK-A 127, DWA-A 161).

In IngSoft EasyPipe you will find the description of the calculation module SIA 190:2017 BETA in the section Trench installation.

We would be pleased to provide you with an offer or a non-binding demo version on request.