12. April 2021

Static calculation of a basin made of PP

Statics for earth and water pressure

IngSoft verified the stability of a polypropylene tank using FEA.

With the help of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we created a structural analysis for a basin made of PP (polypropylene). The following picture shows the discretised calculation model that we used as a basis at IngSoft.

Picture: ingsoft-statik-fem-behaelter-model.png

We examined the loads on the container

  1. Water pressure from inside without earth pressure short-term
  2. Earth pressure and traffic without water pressure short-term
  3. Water pressure from inside with earth pressure and traffic short-term

In our auditable report, we plotted the maximum tensile stresses, minimum compressive stresses and deformations of the basin.

Picture: ingsoft-statik-fem-behaelter-verformungen.png

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