19. August 2021

Statically verify wound pipes with IngSoft EasyPipe

Selection for liner in the calculation module for DWA-A 143-2

With IngSoft EasyPipe, our trusted pipe structural analysis software, you can verify liners in accordance with the DWA-A 143-2 worksheet. Our module for liner statics contains static verifications for the methods specified in the regulations.

  • Static for liners, static for tube liners
  • Static for pipe lining
  • Static for pipe string process
  • Static for corrugated pipes without annular space filling
  • Static for corrugated pipes with non-supporting annular space filling

The latter two rehabilitation methods for coiled pipes (known, among others, through the companies Geiger, Sekisui, RTi, Swietelsky-Faber) we supplemented in the spring of 2021. As a user, you select the procedure in IngSoft EasyPipe in the dropdown Lining technique of the main node 'Statics according to DWA-A 143-2'.