09. October 2019

Statics for jacking pipe requires PTR test report

Annex C of DWA-A 161 requires a protocol for the PTR with the "Standard test for the determination of the calculated material characteristic E_cal of Pressure Transfer Rings made of wood and wood-based materials".

In the preliminary design of trenchless pipes, it is usual to first estimate the PTR. IngSoft EasyPipe allows the input of layer thicknesses and material properties. At early project stages, this approach is appropriate and quickly leads to approximate, usable results.

The final static calculation is more demanding: The PTR used must be checked. If it consists of several layers, it must be installed 1:1 in the testing machine and tested. The test result is a test protocol in the common file format .csv (Comma Separated Value), which can be read e.g. with Microsoft Excel.

This protocol must be imported into the calculation program IngSoft EasyPipe for a final jacking statics.

The user distinguishes between Pre-dimensioning and Static calculation. The PTR protocol is queried under General information of the Pressure Transmission Ring (PTR) node. With version 2.7.5 of 2019-10-09 we published this standard-compliant behaviour for IngSoft EasyPipe.