06. December 2022

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 "Fundamentals" (with restrictions) published

General information on pipe statics

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 - Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals - December 2022 in the DWA Shop

The DWA-A 127-x family of rules and regulations is getting a new member: In December 2022, the DWA published the "Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 - Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals".

Description (translated from German source):

"The worksheet DWA-A 127-1 applies to the static calculation of drainage systems and provides a general introduction to statics and its fundamentals. This is intended to further promote understanding of the contents of structural calculations. Further topics are explanations of the safety level, the process sequence and references to the other worksheets and bulletins of the worksheet and bulletin series DWA-A/M 127. References and connections with the rules associated with the structural analysis (e.g. worksheet DWA-A 139, worksheet DWA-A 125, worksheet and bulletin series DWA-A/M 143 etc.) and standards (e.g. DIN EN 1610, DIN EN 12889 etc.) are presented."

The worksheet can be obtained from the DWA shop at: https://webshop.dwa.de/de/dwa-a-127-1-statische-berechnung-12-2022.html at a price of 93,- € incl. VAT.

Remark IngSoft: Road traffic loads incl. determinations and partial safety factors will be submitted later via the sub-workgroups for DWA-A 127-11 and DWA-A 127-12; both "in progress".