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From now on you can count on the usual comfort of IngSoft EasyPipe for circular manholes/shafts!

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We are particularly proud of:


  • Seamless integration into IngSoft EasyPipe
  • Partial safety concept
  • Automatic combination of actions
  • Innovative sketches
  • Verifiable, multi-level printout

Our Release dated May 10, 2019 is the beginning of a whole series of further tasks. In the coming weeks we will revise our website, create an English version (initially released 2019-06-07), add reinforced concrete manholes... and incorporate your suggestions. Visit us again soon!

We would be pleased to make you an offer for the Manhole module. As an existing customer with active software maintenance for EasySchacht98 you receive a discount. We will be happy to provide you a non-binding demo version on request.

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An innovation for you, a milestone for us: With the Manhole calculation module for our program IngSoft EasyPipe we will replace the program EasySchacht98 in the medium term.

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Image: ingsoft-easypipe-schacht-ausdruck-bodenspannungen.png
Image: ingsoft-easypipe-schacht-ausdruck-abwicklung.png
Image: ingsoft-easypipe-schacht-gui-de.png

Insights into the calculation module for manholes

Manhole convinces with its comfortable user interface. All-round renewed system sketches support the operator and facilitate testing. The graphic progression of various actions over the installation depth simplifies the selection of possible load combinations.

Special features for the static calculation of underground manholes/shafts such as the course of the earth pressure or the (horizontal) soil stresses are clearly displayed.

With Manhole, you can carry out the shaft statics quickly and elegantly.

Click on an image for an enlarged view and further explanations.

Focus on shaft pipe

The static calculation of an underground manhole concentrates on the essential component: the shaft pipe itself. Our calculation module Manhole for IngSoft EasyPipe extends the scope and additionally measures cover plates and floor plates or shaft foundations. On request, it takes into account openings or nozzles for inlets and outlets.

Manhole automatically forms the decisive cases from a large number of possible action combinations. As the user, you control the printout: you decide whether the program outputs all loads or only relevant superimpositions.

If time-dependent materials are to be investigated, the manhole software offers two ways:

  • Weighting of the material characteristic values depending on the proportion of constant and variable actions ("state of the art")
  • Separate verification for short-term and long-term loads with final superimposition

Our investigations have shown that "weighting" is not always "on the safe side". With Manhole you cover both possibilities.

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