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The modular business solution for your pipe statics

Whether for drinking water or wastewater, as an open channel or a pressure pipe, installed in the trench or trenchless, new installation or renovation: IngSoft EasyPipe is the solution for the structural calculation of your buried pipes.

Latest version: 2.8.3 dated 2020-07-03

IngSoft EasyPipe

  • is available for download
  • creates trust through many years of expertise
  • offers diversity and flexibility by considering the latest standards
  • ensures safety through a comprehensive verification concept
  • offers reliability through the Support team
  • gives you time savings through quick and exact calculations
  • allows internationalism through multilingual entry and output

The software for pipe statics is divided into modules: In any case, you need the computing core that includes the basic functions. We offer this as a Standard Edition and as a Professional Edition. Standards are organized by the software in modules, which can be arbitrarily combined by you.

Image IngSoft EasyPipe modules

We have bundled all information for you in our product brochure.

Product information on IngSoft EasyPipe among Downloads

FeatureStandard EditionProfessional Edition
Examination of numerous predefined materials, alternatively free inputxx
Profile geometry of any kind: Solid wall, profiled pipes, reinforced concrete pipes, free inputxx
Immediate display of the most important results on the input screenxx
Convenient changing of all inputsxx
Colored highlighting of the detectionsxx
Plausibility check of all entriesxx
Traceable storage of all entries in project filesxx
Direct output on printer or as professional PDF file with your logoxx
Switching between languages during runtimexx
User-friendly interface with context-sensitive help featurexx
Automatic online software updatexx
Creation and maintenance of own databases for profiles, materials and pipes x
Combination of several structural engineering calculations within one project file x
Variant calculation for a quick comparison of different boundary conditions x
Link to external PDF files and their integration x
Switching between imperial and metric units x

Planning and Engineering Office, Expert Evaluator

An own structural engineering calculation with IngSoft EasyPipe allows you a neutral and realistic assessment of project-specific conditions. IngSoft EasyPipe lets you see both beneficial and adverse parameters. In addition, you can find out other materials that can be used in a more cost-effective way.

Pipe manufacturer and supplier

As early as in the quotation phase, IngSoft EasyPipe supports the realistic estimation of dimensions and material properties. Required reinforcements, desired nominal stiffness (SN) classes or wall thicknesses can be determined quickly, conveniently and precisely. Economic feasibility analysis can be carried out early. In this way, you profit from a minimum cost and material expenditure.

Ordering customer, municipality or test engineer for stability

Contractors regularly propose solutions that are different from the specifications. Quick, in-depth control using IngSoft EasyPipe helps you to properly assess these alternatives and identify risks early on. Plausible comparison calculations secure your approval.

  • Economical dimensioning of all materials used
  • Computational proof of stability
  • Latest state of the art for layout and dimensioning
  • Comprehensible long-term documentation/archiving, also for conversions or later construction measures
  • Legal compliance, clear responsibilities, unique responsibility of the exhibitor

How much does a license for IngSoft EasyPipe cost?

It depends.

Our pricing depends on the scope of the license. To get started, we recommend our product information: Page 20 therein shows a price list with examples.


I would like to buy a license for IngSoft EasyPipe. What should I do for that?

Please send us your order by email. Tell us the desired edition, calculation modules, languages, extensions and the desired support level.

Order IngSoft EasyPipe

How do I pay?

Usually by invoice. We give you the choice between classic bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. For leasing or rental purchase, please contact us.

IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 installation
IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 concrete pipe with base
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 161 reinforcement in a reinforced concrete pipe
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 161 pressure transmission ring
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 143-2 geometry
IngSoft EasyPipe input AWWA M45 installation conditions
IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 extension of special vehicles Airbus A380
IngSoft EasyPipe input extension profile from drawing
IngSoft EasyPipe output DWA-A 143-2 stresses in liner
IngSoft EasyPipe output profiled pipe
IngSoft EasyPipe output SIA 190 long print

IngSoft EasyPipe in images: Screenshots

We have divided the input screen into four divisions: Navigation, Main window, Results and Help. You will find your way "easily" around the clear overview from the first program start.

Our statics software guides you as the user through the navigation tree. In the Main window, you will make the entries, whose validity will be immediately checked by IngSoft EasyPipe.

The integrated Help section with sketches responds in a context-sensitive manner to the position of the cursor. This always gives you helpful hints.

In the lower part of the application window, IngSoft EasyPipe displays a Preview of the most important results. Color-coded fields immediately indicate the fulfilled verifications to you.

The printout of the pipe statics offers the three levels short, medium and long: Thus, you meet the demands of all auditors and clients.

IngSoft EasyPipe made "easy"!

We want to make the entry into IngSoft EasyPipe as easy as possible for you. Installation and use are "easy". We will gladly provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge of standards in a seminar.

Information on the training


ATV-DVWK-A 127:2000 (Germany)

The module A 127 follows the word sheet ATV-DVWK-A 127, 3rd edition (version 2000). It allows the structural engineering calculation of underground pipelines in trenches or dams, and allows the dimensioning of pipes from all the materials mentioned in the work sheet.


For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 6

AWWA M45:2005 (USA)

With the M 45 Fiberglass Pipe Design (edition 2005), the ‘American Water Works Association’ (AWWA) published a handbook for underground laying of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes (GFRP pipes), which have found recognition in many parts of the world. The structural engineering calculation of GFRP pipes described in M 45 is mapped in the software by the M 45 module.


For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 9

SIA 190:2000 (Switzerland)

The module SIA 190 follows the Swiss standard SIA 190, sewers, edition 2000. It allows the structural calculation of underground pipelines in trenches or dams, and allows the dimensioning of pipes from all the materials mentioned in the work sheet in a bend-soft and rigid version.

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 10

SIA 190:2017 (Switzerland)

The originally incomplete reprint of the set of standards from 2017 contains many innovations, which IngSoft EasyPipe provides in a separate compute module.

In spring 2018, the SIA compiled the supplementary documentation D 0263 with the content Pipe statics - technical documentation on the SIA 190:2017 standard. The SIA offers the D 0263 as a fee-based version for download.

The SIA 190:2017 calculation module is available. We get the sample calculations' results in IngSoft EasyPipe.

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CCTGs Fasicule 70:2000 (France)

The work sheet of our neighbors is the counterpart to the ATV-DVWK-A 127. Details are available on request.

Contact form

In cooperation with S & P Consult GmbH, Bochum, IngSoft has developed a module for the work sheet DWA-A 143-2 (edition 2015) that maps the evidence for the old pipe conditions I-III by means of the finite element method (FEM) according to theory II. order. For historical reasons, a module is also available for leaflet ATV-M 127-2.

DWA-A 143-2:2015

With the module A 143-2 basis, you can calculate all necessary load case combinations within a calculation cycle including interaction up to host pipe condition (HPC) III for circular profiles. Egg-shaped and circular liners can also be studied in HPC I-II.

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 8

Unique on the market is our extension "Egg-shaped section in the HPC III", see below.

ATV-M 127-2:2000 (invalid)

The scope of the module M 127-2 basis is comparable to that of module A 143-2 basis, whereby the leaflet ATV-M 127-2 specifies a global safety concept. The leaflet ATV-M 127-2 has been replaced by the worksheet DWA-A 143-2 of July 2015.

Manhole (without any standard)

The Manhole module is a logical continuation of our tried-and-tested software IngSoft EasySchacht98. At the DWA we are currently working on the standard DWA-M 127-4 for the structural calculation of manholes in the work group ES-5.9.

Manhole calculation module

The manhole module is based on findings from the pipe statics with engineering extensions and allows you to study circular shafts in terms of statics. The focus is on the shaft pipe itself, the checks are carried out for multiple design sections of the shell at the manhole base and head, as well as for openings.

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 11

DWA-A 161:2014 + corrections 2017

The module A 161 is used for the structural engineering calculation of driving pipes and is based on the 2nd edition of work sheet DWA-A 161, March 2014 edition. This worksheet is the first DWA set of standards governing the structural calculation of pipes with partial safety factors according to Eurocode (semi-probabilistic concept).

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 9


Special vehicles

IngSoft offers the extension special vehicles in order to be able to map special vehicles outside of standard regulations. With its help, ground stresses under forklifts, reach stackers or aircrafts such as the Airbus A380 can be determined. Some vehicles are shipped with the extension and can be selected from the dropdown menu. 

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 12

Profile from the drawing

This extension enables the determination of cross-section values from image files for the calculation of profiled pipes. It determines structural values such as area, moment of resistance, moment of inertia per unit area and inertia distance. Using the profile width as an indicator for repeating a section, the entire profile is scaled. 

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 13

The extension is only available for the following modules: A 127, A 161, SIA 190.

A 127: Pipe with base

With the extension, reinforced concrete and concrete pipes that have one base can be detected. The calculation is carried out by means of stress detection in accordance with ATV-DVWK-A 127 fig. 9 for egg-shaped and circular base pipes (DIN V 1201:2004-08).

The moments / normal force coefficients from the publication of Hornung / Kittel ‘Statics of underground pipes’, Bauverlag GmbH, 1989, p. 283 ff are used.

The extension is only available for the following module: A 127.

A 143-2 / M 127-2: Egg-shaped section in HPC III

With the extension, standard egg-shaped sections in the host pipe condition (HPC) III can be calculated for the first time on a geometrically correct model with egg-shaped contour. So far, the approximation method mentioned in the standards has been resorted to with a spare circle, which is not always on the safe side.

We have published the background of this extension in a technical contribution.
  Liner statics for channels with egg-shaped section in the host pipe condition III

For detailed module description, see product information (PDF) on page 14

The extension is provided for the following modules: M 127-2, A 143-2.

Internationalism through multilingualism

We offer IngSoft EasyPipe in numerous languages that you can change at runtime. Basically, we deliver all compute modules in the language versions German and English.

Some standards are available in French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech and Chinese. An overview provides our product information on page 5. Missing translations are added on request.

Product brochure under Downloads

Support available five days a week

We accompany our users during the installation of our programs. During operation, we answer your questions about the software and the standards. Additionally, we offer training courses (seminars).


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