on the applied standards, fundamentals of earth and pipe statics and the software itself - for your maximum benefit

IngSoft exhibits at the Nürnberger Kolloquien zur Kanalsanierung 2023

The "Nürnberg Colloquia on Sewer Rehabilitation" with exciting lectures and accompanying trade exhibition will attract the public to Fürth on 21 September...


Pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe v2.11 proves HDD

On 16 May we released our software IngSoft EasyPipe in version 2.11


Presentation on liner statics at Italia NO DIG LIVE 2023

IngSoft will be speaking at Italia NO DIG LIVE on 25 May 2023 in Milano.


Workgroup on DWA-A 127-11 (ES-5.11) road traffic loads founded

Preparation of a worksheet DWA-A 127-11 "Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 11: Road traffic loads and associated fatigue analysis".


IngSoft EasyPipe is the industry solution for structural designers with prior knowledge of structural relationships. Software is intuitive and largely self-explanatory. Users get used to the software in no time and become quickly familiar with its basic features. Advanced software settings require background knowledge.

Image of IngSoft EasyPipe seminar

Why to attend a seminar?

Training is recommended if there is a lack of experience in the structural calculation of pipes or uncertainty in dealing with the technical standards: IngSoft has the necessary expertise that lets your "statics" withstand every test.

We offer seminars in German or English. Details on your training and prices we will gladly provide on request.

Three attractive seminar models

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Webinar: Online seminar

The participation in our webinars is flexible and possible at short notice. This model is well suited to discuss specific topics of manageable scope or to give an introduction or refresh the participant´s knowledge. A webinar can also be used to handle a specific feature (for example, DatabaseEditor, variant creation) in detail. All you need Internet access.

Duration: Up to two hours


Image IngSoft-Logo

IngSoft-Training: Seminar at IngSoft in Nuremberg

The seminar will be held in our premises in Nuremberg. Up to four people can participate; we can accept larger numbers of participants on request. You will get an introduction to structural engineering concepts, focusing on earth and pipe statics.

Trench laying is suitable as an introduction topic: The principles of economic dimensioning can be understood by the example of the open design.

You will receive valuable information on practical implementation in terms of shoring, embedding and compaction. The underlying standards and legal backgrounds will be explained.

Special features to be considered during pipe driving or relining can be added. An overview of duct structures is possible, while the weighting of the topic blocks will be determined by you.

Duration: One day or by arrangement


Image IngSoft Statics Training Customer

InHouse-Training: Seminar in your company

The seminar will be held in your premises at the desired location. The number of participants is not limited. You shall provide the beamer and flipchart. Topics can be agreed individually. It is possible to respond to your ongoing projects or to discuss material-specific properties in real time. Alternatively, content from our basic training or the presentation of individual compute modules is possible.

Duration: One day or by arrangement