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Structural analysis of pipes and manholes

iro 2023: IngSoft at the Oldenburg Pipe Forum

From 30 to 31 March 2023, IngSoft will be attending the 35th Oldenburg Pipe Forum


Presentation on HDD at the PTC

IngSoft will be speaking at the 18th PTC on 10 May 2023 in Berlin.


Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 "Fundamentals" (with restrictions) published

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 - Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals - December 2022 in the DWA Shop

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The modular business solution for your pipe statics

Whether for drinking water or wastewater, as an open channel or a pressure pipe, installed in the trench or trenchless, new installation or renovation: IngSoft EasyPipe is the solution for the structural calculation of your buried pipes.

Latest version: dated 2023-03-14

IngSoft EasyPipe

  • is available for download
  • creates trust through many years of expertise
  • offers diversity and flexibility by considering the latest standards
  • ensures safety through a comprehensive verification concept
  • offers reliability through the Support team
  • gives you time savings through quick and exact calculations
  • allows internationalism through multilingual entry and output
IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 installation
IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 concrete pipe with base
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 161 reinforcement in a reinforced concrete pipe
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 161 pressure transmission ring
IngSoft EasyPipe input DWA-A 143-2 geometry
IngSoft EasyPipe input AWWA M45 installation conditions
IngSoft EasyPipe input ATV-DVWK-A 127 extension of special vehicles Airbus A380
IngSoft EasyPipe input extension profile from drawing
IngSoft EasyPipe output DWA-A 143-2 stresses in liner
IngSoft EasyPipe output profiled pipe
IngSoft EasyPipe output SIA 190 long print

IngSoft EasyPipe in images: Screenshots

We have divided the input screen into four divisions: Navigation, Main window, Results and Help. You will find your way "easily" around the clear overview from the first program start.

Our statics software guides you as the user through the navigation tree. In the Main window, you will make the entries, whose validity will be immediately checked by IngSoft EasyPipe.

The integrated Help section with sketches responds in a context-sensitive manner to the position of the cursor. This always gives you helpful hints.

In the lower part of the application window, IngSoft EasyPipe displays a Preview of the most important results. Color-coded fields immediately indicate the fulfilled verifications to you.

The printout of the pipe statics offers the three levels short, medium and long: Thus, you meet the demands of all auditors and clients.

Click on an image for further explanations.

Planning and Engineering Office, Expert Evaluator

An own structural engineering calculation with IngSoft EasyPipe allows you a neutral and realistic assessment of project-specific conditions. IngSoft EasyPipe lets you see both beneficial and adverse parameters. In addition, you can find out other materials that can be used in a more cost-effective way.

Pipe manufacturer and supplier

As early as in the quotation phase, IngSoft EasyPipe supports the realistic estimation of dimensions and material properties. Required reinforcements, desired nominal stiffness (SN) classes or wall thicknesses can be determined quickly, conveniently and precisely. Economic feasibility analysis can be carried out early. In this way, you profit from a minimum cost and material expenditure.

Ordering customer, municipality or test engineer for stability

Contractors regularly propose solutions that are different from the specifications. Quick, in-depth control using IngSoft EasyPipe helps you to properly assess these alternatives and identify risks early on. Plausible comparison calculations secure your approval.

  • Economical dimensioning of all materials used
  • Computational proof of stability
  • Latest state of the art for layout and dimensioning
  • Comprehensible long-term documentation/archiving, also for conversions or later construction measures
  • Legal compliance, clear responsibilities, unique responsibility of the exhibitor

How much does a license for IngSoft EasyPipe cost?

That depends: We link the prices to the scope of the licence. We have listed prices and examples of possible configurations for your licence in the Prices section.




Details about the structure of IngSoft EasyPipe can be found here...

... or via the menu.

Internationalism through multilingualism

Our pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe is flexible. You as the user choose which language version you would like to use. You can find out more about this under


User assistance/support

We accompany our users during the installation of our programs. During operation, we answer your questions about the software and the rules and regulations covered. In addition, we offer training courses.

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