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The core of the pipe static software IngSoft EasyPipe

iro 2023: IngSoft at the Oldenburg Pipe Forum

From 30 to 31 March 2023, IngSoft will be attending the 35th Oldenburg Pipe Forum


Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 "Fundamentals" (with restrictions) published

Worksheet DWA-A 127-1 - Structural analysis of drainage systems - Part 1: Fundamentals - December 2022 in the DWA Shop


Practical examples for professionals at "Look at the pipes"

Detailed practical examples - from large network operators to small municipalities - show different possibilities and measures for network maintenance.

Home Software IngSoft EasyPipe Editions (Calculation Core)

Our calculation program for pipe statics is structured in modules.

  • In any case, you need the calculation core, which contains the basic functions. We offer this as a Standard Edition and a Professional Edition.
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  • The software organises sets of rules in calculation modules that you can combine as desired.
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  • Our cross-module extensions (optional) serve special requirements.
  • With numerous language versions, you are well positioned internationally.


Image IngSoft EasyPipe Editions

The editions differ in the range of functions. Your requirements determine the choice of an edition. An upgrade to the more comprehensive edition is possible at any time.

 Standard and Professional Edition in comparison

FeatureStandard EditionProfessional Edition
Examination of numerous predefined materials, alternatively free inputxx
Profile geometry of any type: solid wall, profiled pipes, reinforced concrete pipes, free inputxx
Immediate display of the most important results on the input screenxx
Comfortable change of all inputsxx
Colour highlighting of the verificationsxx
Plausibility check of all entriesxx
Traceable storage of all inputs in project filesxx
Direct output to printer or as professional PDF file with your logoxx
Switching between languages during runtimexx
User-friendly interface with context-sensitive help functionxx
Automatic update of the software via the internetxx
Creation and maintenance of own databases for profiles, materials and pipes x
Combination of several static calculations within one project file x
Alternate calculation (variant) for quick comparison of different boundary conditions x
Reference to and integration of external PDF files x
Switching between imperial and metric units x


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