Static calculation of pipes: pipe statics for short pipes and liners

Calculation module(s) for lining / relining

IngSoft developed a module for the worksheet DWA-A 143-2 (2015 edition) that maps the verifications for the Host Pipe Conditions I-III using the finite element method (FEM) according to Theory II. Order.

For historical reasons, a module for leaflet ATV-M 127-2 is also available.

IngSoft EasyPipe rehabilitation steel corrugated profile

A 143-2

With the calculation module A 143-2 Basic, you can calculate all necessary load combinations including interaction up to Host Pipe Condition III (HPC III) for circular profiles within one calculation step. The program covers egg-shaped and circular liners in HPC I-II. Egg profiles in Host Pipe Condition III can be verified with the extension 'Egg-shaped cross-section in HPC III'.

The software for liner statics implements the semi-probabilistic partial safety concept of the regulations.

The software for liners also takes into account innovations compared to M 127-2, such as the shear check for lateral force. The interaction check can be replaced by simultaneous application of earth and water pressure in HPC III.

IngSoft EasyPipe rehabilitation helmet

M 127-2

The scope of the calculation module M 127-2 basic is comparable to that of the calculation module A 143-2 basic, whereby the set of rules ATV-M 127-2 prescribes a global safety concept.

The DWA replaced the code of practice ATV-M 127-2 with the worksheet DWA-A 143-2 in July 2015.